DUOLOCK  90° is a rigid, intracoronal attachment with a precisely adjustable activation screw in the patrix. The extracoronal screw retention of the patrix with the threaded cap allows the patrix to be easily exchanged without damaging the acrylic saddle. DUOLOCK consists of a matrix, an exchangeable patrix and a threaded cap for holding the patrix. Different matrices and threaded caps are available depending on the technique used. Threaded cap
No. 389 (Pt/Ir)
No.384 (Pd/Ag)
Threaded cap
No. 363 (Ti)
No. 364 (Pd/Ag)
No. 379 (Pd/Ag)
No. 382 (Pt/Ir)
No. 380 (Pt/Au)
High-fusing alloy






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