Commitment without compromise …

ZL Microdent-Attachment GmbH & Co. KG in Breckerfeld, Germany, has been a specialist for the manufacture of highly precise turned and milled units for over 40 years. From the design to creation of the prototype through to low-volume and series production, the 40-strong team provides all the services from within one company.

A main focus is in the processing of special materials such as medical steel, titanium, alloys of gold, platinum, iridium or silver and special plastics. These materials, which are generally very hard and brittle, also have special characteristics in the processing.

With this range of services, which also includes different surface plating procedures and sterile packaging, ZL Microdent positions itself as your expert system supplier for CNC precision mechanics.

We recommend that you contact us directly if you require support with the implementation of a new product.